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Default Re: A win for free conscience and expresion

Originally Posted by loboloco View Post
Actually, if the dry cleaners would clean any costume, then he could be prosecuted under your interpretation of the law.
If the owner of the sign shop would make any protest signs, he could be prosecuted.
If the owner refuses to make an Adolph Hitler birthday cake but makes other birthday cakes, and that's within the law, then the same owner should be able to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding. Even if he would make one for a straight wedding.

According to the ruling of this judge, it is not a question of baking a cake. it is a question of "decorating" it in a special way. One that is offensive to the Decorating artist. Which, in most cases is the baker.

Could a baker refuse to bake a cake in the shape of a penis? After all, a cake is a cake? No, a common cake is a common commodity cake. It's no different for a car tire. It's a commodity.

A penis shaped one is custom art.

If one were to ask, could Michelin refuse to produce a "custom" set of tires with a swastika design in the tread? Again it's not about the tire.

For God's sake, this is not about the "cake."
I am going to hang a Batman Costume in my closet. .......... Just to screw with myself when I get alzheimer's.
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