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Default Re: The Trump-Putin War on American Intelligence Is in Overdrive

Originally Posted by RedState View Post
Deflect with false equivalivance.

There's no doubt Obama was worried about the right wing politicizing any actions he would have taken as interfering to help Clinton. That's why he took that information to the Congressional Republicans where he asked them to join him and come out with a bipartisan response against Russian interference. You know, to place country over party. Instead Mitch McConnell told him that they would spin it as a way for Obama to steal the election for Hillary and refused.

So in the end, it was the Republicans who chose to play partisan politics with the integrity of the election and Obama who decided that he didn't want to be seen as interfering in it.

The difference now, is that tRUmp is actively doing nothing at all to stop it. In fact, he's encouraging it, he wants it to happen because he knows it will benefit him.
Obama was President when all this **** went down, not Trump! You people are at fault for the Russian election interference, and no one else.
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