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Default Re: Road Rage and death

Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
Very true yet wasn't how things were and should be somethI]ng Trump was suppose to correct. Sounds to me like it will never get corrected[/I]
Citizen Trump has been President Trump for a year. The last President spent a term trying to find shovels. We might want to cut the current President a little slack.

Any President has a couple problems. A President can do nothing without funds. The House controls funds. Then there is the matter of jurisdiction. Road repair is mostly a state or local issue. How even federal funds are spent is local.

There is another problem here now but certain to loom far larger in the future. Roads today are mostly user funded. Gasoline taxes are the primary revenue source. Alternative energy vehicles pay no road taxes and mileage figures are going way up. So where the '60's car paid for 30 miles with 3 gallons of gas, a new smaller car gets by with 3/4 gallon or none. Environmentalists love it this way since it shifts the burden away from their pet solutions onto their pet bitches.

The grid is another matter. While we think of it as a national issue, it's largely privately owned.

Virginia just yesterday attempted to address this issue. Utilities can now retain over collected funds rather than return them to the customer but they must be used on infrastructure improvements.
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