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Default Re: Road Rage and death

Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
America is at a cross roads because of our failing infrastructure it would appear to this poster that is a major part of the problem of road violence.. Bad roads/highways make for slower moving traffic in congested areas.
Plus just being a congested area sucks swamp water.

The possible other reasons might include far to many children over time have been raised by far to young persons plus many children come from families which have lost control over their child behavior. For sure many of these people make bad choices in life.

.................................................. See Video at site................................
Less than 10 years ago we gave the President nearly a trillion dollars to repair the crumbling infrastructure. We needed the repairs quickly and we needed the jobs. Yet here we are 10 years later needing a trillion + for infrastructure repairs and many of the pot holes extant are over 10 years old. The first trillion has disappeared. I'm sceptical about doing the same thing over and expecting different results.

I don't believe, however, that potholes are a major factor in road rage incidents, nor am I sure they are on the rise or just better reported.

Like guns, pot holes are inanimate objects. I think your second point is more valid.
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