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Default Fact Checking Pres. Speech

Why is it some ones fault. Why can't it be because of our out-dated Immigration policies made to long ago?

Does America need this "HATE" in politics? And do note both parties do it well.
Another question, why can't new needs like this wall just be needed because times have changed as well as needs..
Not because the other party didn't do this or didn't pass this bill into law..

is this type of useless politics bearing any fruit for the American people? it is plain

AP FACT CHECK: Trump overlooks MS-13 gang's American roots

Associated Press, 3 days ago.

The Associated Press Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and President Donald Trump listen to Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., during a meeting with law enforcement officials on the MS-13 street gang and…

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is portraying the violent MS-13 gang as a collection of immigrants sneaking illegally into the U.S., an account that ignores the organization's homegrown roots and the fact many of its members are U.S. citizens.

That may suit his attempt to link illegal immigration to criminal behavior, but it's not an accurate depiction of a gang that blends foreigners and Americans and is therefore partly out of reach of border guards and other immigration authorities. Nor is he telling it straight when he says Democrats have demonstrated indifference to the problem: President Barack Obama took unprecedented actions against the gang.

In addition to his recent rhetoric on MS-13, Trump complained Wednesday that investors caused a slump in the stock market despite good economic news, unlike the "old days" when good news meant rising stocks. That's a mis-characterization of how the market works.

A look at those statements:
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