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Default Re: The Trump-Putin War on American Intelligence Is in Overdrive

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
Redstate is sorta right here. But skewed to his political bent. When it cam to the Trump candidacy, the GOP did play politics not all that differently than the Democrats. Both opposed him. Even jumping in on the Russian allegations.

The GOP couldn't stop him, any more than the Clinton machine could stop him.

What Red misstated is that the GOP did not elect THE Donald. The people did.
GOP never Trumpers were not the POTUS. They didn't promise Putin more flexibility. They didn't surrender American foreign policy to the whims of the Iranian mullahs. It was Obama trying to please European old colonial powers that led from his behind into turning Libya into a terrorist s show. They didn't cozy up to Cuban dictators in return for nothing. It was President Obama who was supposedly cowed by big bad Mitch McConnell into sacrificing the integrity of our election to politics. That is consistent with Obama's previous pattern of behavior but reaffirms his commitment to short term political objectives over national security while blaming others for his failures.
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