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Default Re: National Review...memo...

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
More reflexive denials from the Resistance zealots. Nary a word addressing the facts laid out in the comment.

According to the OP the Trump Russian collusion conspiracy investigation began based on the drunken boasts of a minor Trump campaign worker. The author touts this as a great revelation confirmed by the memo despite it being widely publicized. So, yes or no, are you comfortable with the FBI investigating the Presidential campaign of the opposition party based on gossip reported by a foreign diplomat? Keep in mind investigations of this kind have to involve surveillance.

Mueller was appointed special counsel after fired FBI director Comey illegally leaked memos to the media using a crony as a cut out. Thanks to the memo we now know Rod Rosenstein who appointed Mueller signed off on the FISA warrant applications based primarily on the unverified dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC as opposition research. Again, are you comfortable with appointing a special council to investigate the opposition party based on gossip illegally disclosed by a disgruntled former FBI Director?

Oh but wait, the day before Rosenstein appointed Mueller special counsel he ushered him to the WH for an interview to discuss the possibility of Mueller being reappointed FBI Director. So we have the fired FBI Director agitating for a special counsel resulting in the appointment of a spurned job seeker by the same DOJ official who signed off on the FISA warrant applications based primarily on the dossier paid for by Democrats. Nope, nothing to see here.

tRUmp knew they were caught the day Dir Comey had to share the dossier with him. On that day tRUmp decided he is more important than our country.

This is reality.
The total number of contacts between the tRUmp team
and Russia-linked operatives that we know about so far is 102.

-- SOURCE --
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