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Default Re: Russia takes renewed interest in Palestine

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
How is Trump threatening to cut off funding, retreating? Why should be reward them for failing to come to the table to negotiate? What is their incentive? Unless you make them choose between the money and the negotiation, they don't have any incentive but to continue to create chaos in the region.
I know it's not an easy subject and there is a lot of nuance. They dont talk about this on Fox and Friends. But if we were to just cut off Palestine and allow Russia to waltz in and support the extremists how do you think that would work out? Would it make America and Israel safer?

Or do you think it might be more in our interests to at least do what we can to support the moderates in Palestine while keeping the extremists as a minority? This isn't a pretty option either, but the alternatives are worse.
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