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Default Re: Tech industry needs 1 million jobs now

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
They will be hard pressed to extract them from our underfunded, poorly managed education system.

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A couple of points. These openings can be filled with H-1B visas to provide temporary residency for those people qualified for the positions and long as the temporary visa program allows that many foreigners into the country.

This also rings the bell with something the CEO of American Apparel discussed last year when discussion about revising the tax codes were underway. American Apparel has gone against the apparel industry by producing clothing in the United States as opposed to importing clothing and the CEO had a very pointed argument for what he thought Congress should do to help American enterprises.

He wasn't interested in lowering the corporate tax rate. What he wanted was a tax credit for on-the-job training of new employees. All enterprises require skilled labor to do the work of the enterprise and often that skill labor just isn't out there. They need to take people and literally train them to do what the enterprise needs. I dealt with this in aerospace because even highly qualified people with college degrees still had to learn the specific requirements for the corporations I worked for. There isn't an "industry standard" when it come down to the specific job role.

Many or most of these tech industry jobs will fall into that category. These jobs can be filled with Americans with good computer skills if the corporation is willing to provide the additional training they need to perform the work. The problem is that it would cost the corporations a lot of money to provide the on-the-job training and they are reluctant to spend the money. A "training" tax credit instead of the corporate tax cuts would have made this a viable option.

Next is that this argues against the "merit based immigration plans" that are being proposed. If the job is filled by temporary foreign labor under the H-1B visa program that job still remains open to Americans willing to train for the work. If we allow permanent immigration based upon the "merit" system to fill the position then the job is lost to American workers because it's permanently filled by the foreign worker. These are typically high paying jobs and for Americans to lose out in the long run when it comes to filling these positions it's not a good thing for us.
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