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Default Re: New California declares "independence" from rest of state

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
I'm related to a number of 'right wingers' who live in the State of California. My sentiment stands - most don't mind paying some taxes that benefit the citizens.
I think that's the view of most Americans.

Don't see it getting fixed, but perhaps you know something that I don't. If it were being seriously addressed, why do taxes in CA keep going up?
I don't know anything you propably don't. But I know California has a massive economy and a massive population. They are burdened by a huge immigrant population more than most states and they also try to help those people as best they can. We aren't called bleeding hearts for nothing. But California's weakness in accepting immigrants with open arms is also a strength for this nation as a whole. But that's where you guys come in and say hey chill out a bit, we still got bills to pay, can't save everyone.

I don't know the answer I just wish we could all take a deep breath and have a beer and talk stuff out.

I think the inebriated part may have something to do with it. Clouds reason and common sense.
Now you sound like my wife!
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