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Default Re: New California declares "independence" from rest of state

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
You claim the 'right wingers' don't want to pay taxes.
I was specifically referring to these idiots out in California, not every conservative evar!

Without a doubt, there are some that will claim that, but in general, most don't mind paying some taxes, when they are truly used for the benefit of ALL people, not just the select, protected groups. When money is pissed away on programs that are redundant, or dysfunctional, when taxes are directed to assist groups that are here illegally, taxes used for pork-belly projects.
I don't think anyone really likes any of those things.

You paint your posts as absolutes, black and white, with no shades of gray. It's not reality, never has been, never will be.
I think you misunderstood my post. But, i try not to do that. but alas i am only human. And sometimes inebriated.
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