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Default Re: Laura Kipnis: Political Correctness is Now Eating the Left Too

Originally Posted by mr. wonder View Post
another serious problem that comes with it is that people have a harder time trying to deal with any real issues that may underlie the over the top PC reactions of banning, firing "shouting down" etc..

A lot of what they seemed to be concerned about though could be covered with request of, how about being more polite.
...or ignoring or real content based debate.
the Radial Islam style responses are just crazy and Orwellian.
Laura Kipnis is just another casualty of the PC regressive left mindset. She was brought up on Title 9 complaints but could defend herself because of tenure. She talks about other students and Profs. being brought up on specious charges such as "creating a hostile environment" which is exactly what Lindsay Shepherd was accused of in her recorded inquisition at Laurier University in Canada. Of course, Shepherd's case involved the application of C-16, not Title 9, but the point is the "overlap" that has been used by the regressives to keep hammering away at free speech and unpalatable ideas.
Progressively dominant Evergreen State College turned on liberal professor Bret Weinstein. He and his wife, also a valued professor, settled a lawsuit with the college and departed the toxic atmosphere. It was a combination of a few activist groups at Evergreen, with some faculty support, that tried to shut down Weinstein who told his story to the press.
I wondered if Kipnis had talked to Dave Rubin, and indeed she had. She goes into detail about "mission creep" in relation to Title 9.
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