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Default Re: Red Robin eliminates bussers as restaurants combat minimum wage hikes

Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
A lot of places just multi-task their employees. I can't see why a restaurant would have someone who is just a dedicated busboy unless they are so busy that they can't spare any of the waitresses/waiters to removed used dishes and clean those tables. I know at Golden Corral and a bunch of other restaurants I been to the waiters/waitresses removed those dirty dishes and clean the tables.
The Busboy job is different in different places. Generally they back up the waitress or waiter in clean up and set up as well as sometimes serving coffee or bringing an extra plate or entree'.

It is a good position for learning the waiter's job and dealing with people in the service industry. Most waiters and waitresses began as bus boy/girls. Given the expansion of restaurant eating in the American life style, it is a growing industry with lots of room for new employment. Taking this lowest rung out of the system is going to improve neither the service or the bottom line.

This is just one more example of people who never had to start at the bottom having no appreciation, much less understanding, of how their ignorance negatively impacts the people they are supposed to serve.

I guarantee MS. Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton or Chuck, Schumer never bussed tables. Neither did Trump but somehow he does seem to understand the little people. Perhaps his father's work ethic and his mother's coaching instilled an appreciation for those who work for a living.
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