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Default Re: House renews spying law that collects Americans' emails without warrants

Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
Some like this program which I have doubts it has preformed as planned. But I don't do text and send very few e-mails...... But gangs selling drugs etc., do.

So if it catches these dealers of drugs and gU]ns, r[Ight on.. what s your take on th[Is b[Ill, Section 702. [/I][/I][/I][/U] Dang Auto Type.......

House renews spying law that collects Americans' emails without warrants

USA TODAY-Erin Kelly, 48 mins ago

WASHINGTON — The House voted Thursday to renew for six years a controversial surveillance program that may collect the content of Americans' email, text messages, photos and other electronic communication without a warrant.

The vote was 256-164 to extend the program, known as Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
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Hopefully it goes down in fiery blaze.No warrant then no collection of data. I don't give a **** if it could be used to catch drug dealers and other scum.
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