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Default Re: Red Robin eliminates bussers as restaurants combat minimum wage hikes

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
Attack the poster not the subject again ay?

The CEO of Exxon Mobile has very few minimum wage earners on his payroll.

You do understand that the immigrants, both legal and illegal, who come to America without an education, are typically the ones who need these entry level jobs to get started? Or do you consider, out of sight, picking your vegetables to be a good enough opportunity for them?

BTW, Farm workers are not protected by minimum wage laws.
not an attack ye old paranoid person you

you can't relate that when the businesses did well the country's citizenry did too, from the forties till around 1985.
a few booms in the 90s, economy did not die under bush elder cause he raised taxes
then gw lowered em again and all this time save clinton and obama minimum wage did not increase and unions were torn apart.
now it doesn't matter that corporations saw their best two years last year and year before. . we are still talking about giving people a minimum amount of money to step up the ladder with their efforts. hell we even screwed college up for them. to where a lot of them couldn't even afford a doctor till obamacare and that had to be a corporate payoff too.
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