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Default Re: Trump referred to Haiti, African nations as 's---hole' countries; White House doe

comments and trending on this subject:

" My grandparents landed on Ellis Island in 1898 from Sweden. It was a ****hole back then."

"Sad state of affairs. It gets worse each day! I knew he would be bad, but has surpassed my fears by a 1000 percent more!"

#Presidentsh*thole is trending on twitter right now

"He also seems to have forgotten his wives' immigrant heritage too "

"#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole"

"Well his Grand dad was an immigrant who built his empire on a house of ill repute so......"

also see attachments

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