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Default Re: Trump referred to Haiti, African nations as 's---hole' countries; White House doe

comments and trending on this subject:

" My grandparents landed on Ellis Island in 1898 from Sweden. It was a ****hole back then."

"Sad state of affairs. It gets worse each day! I knew he would be bad, but has surpassed my fears by a 1000 percent more!"

#Presidentsh*thole is trending on twitter right now

"He also seems to have forgotten his wives' immigrant heritage too "

"#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole
#President****hole #President****hole"

"Well his Grand dad was an immigrant who built his empire on a house of ill repute so......"

also see attachments

Gun violence is an emergency.
Climate change is an emergency.
Our country's opioid epidemic is an emergency.

Donald Trump's ridiculous wall is not an emergency._____Elizabeth Warren

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