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Default Re: Red Robin eliminates bussers as restaurants combat minimum wage hikes

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
Not just the Bus boys.

Minimum wage hikes raises the floor on ALL wages. It forces raises throughout the industry at all levels, including manages and owners. Thus making everyone pay more taxes.

Unfortunately, the entry level job, the low rungs on the ladder to higher paying jobs, will be eliminated. Red Robin looked at the function of the Bus boys (and girls, let's be fair here) as said it wasn't worth the required pay scale.

So that entry level rung is now gone. I presume the plan is to send the poor kid(s) to college so they can get an associate degree in essential oils or some such. Or Culinary Arts where they can hope Red Robins will then hire them to clean pots,,, and tables.
well the minimum wage is about 30 years behind the corporations profit increases, so I don't want any pansy tears
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