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Default Laura Kipnis: Political Correctness is Now Eating the Left Too

"Laura Kipnis (born 1956) is an American cultural critic and essayist. A feminist intellectual, her work focuses on, gender issues and politics, aesthetics and popular culture. She began her career as a video artist, exploring similar themes in the form of video essays. She is professor of media studies at Northwestern University in the Department of Radio-TV-Film, where she teaches filmmaking.

In this interview, she talks about her title IX complains and the stifling culture of political correctness on college campus. Full clip, quoted under fair use:.."
people on the left also complain of out of control political correctness and how colleges/students/ are taking teachers and faculty of all stripes into "star chambers" getting them silenced and or fired. "title 9" federal law is being stretched to fit whatever the complaint. and the accused are legally gagged and not faced with accusers or even a clear complaint in some cases.

prof here says she's spoken about this to progressive factually elsewhere but often she's not believed

I wish there was a a way to break through 1st the disbelief, then the mindset that makes some people think they should not even have to HEAR other's POV and therefore think it's legal and proper to silence other's free speech ON or OFF campus.
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