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Default Re: Oprah Winfrey... Golden Globes

Originally Posted by mr. wonder View Post
I can sorta get that.
But really, we've just watch some people on the right give money and verbal support Roy Moore, and attack his "dates" without much (any) shame. And there's no similar outrage from many rank and file conservatives about that.
So in the wider current landscape Oprah's "RAH RAH racialprogress/sexualabusevindication" speech, though hypocritical in her silence and late is not really much of a deal. At least it's pointing us all in the right direction.
There is a bit of a difference when comparing Weinstein to Moore. Moore was never accused of sexually assaulting anyone, just simply a desire to date younger women. And those accusations where never proven. I don't know of anyone here that went after the accusers anymore than to post when their claims were proven false (in regards to Moore signing the yearbook. The accuser fessed up that they actually signed it.)

Originally Posted by mr. wonder View Post
And as i said A LOT of people in the MSM and Hollywood KNEW about Weinstien and others but didn't say jack for decades. (And they still havn't broken the silence on Hollywood pedophilia).

SO yeah I agree I hope she does come clean about what she knew or heard, ( i doubt she will though) But there are MANY things that Oprah has done that's been weird and hypocritical. And i don't like her leftist political views.
But I really can't bring myself to be appalled about this speech.
She's a celebrity not a politician and her offense here is silence, not active promotion or participation.
I'm not appalled by her speech, I just find it opportunistic and hypocritical in that she, to the best of my knowledge, had never openly condemned Weinstein. And being as she had business dealings with him, I highly doubt that she had not previously known about his sexual perversions.
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