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Default Re: Red Robin eliminates bussers as restaurants combat minimum wage hikes

Originally Posted by Kert View Post
For every action there is a reaction. 8 Million in lost wages,,,,

Red Robin eliminates bussers as restaurants combat minimum wage hikes
Some people don't understand that. They think the company/business is just going to say 'OK, we'll take it in the profits!' They'll eliminate positions (as seen here), stagnate wages, cut quality, or just close.

Small required increases can be offset by price increases, possible offset to profits. You jack labor costs by a sudden amount, especially on a small business, and chances are the company cannot sustain the business. And what activists campaign as a more than doubling FMW, add another 11% or so costs to the company (ER contributed taxes and WC). Merit type increases are because the employee has done something to increase the company's revenue, or improve production. They have earned it.
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