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Default Re: Oprah Winfrey... Golden Globes

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Oprah's speech was an attempt to marry racial demogogery with the Spanish Inquisition style Me too movement. It was classic Left wing divisive identity politics which conveniently ignored troubling facts such as Oprah's long, close association with Harvey Weinstein despite the common knowledge he routinely engaged in sexual predation of female actresses. Instead of offering anything like a personal mea culpa for her part in the cover up Oprah chose to try appropriating victimhood to herself as a virtue signifier.
whoah, I that's a pretty dark slant you put on it there.

But AZ, I just don't know how you can be so sure about her dark motives here.
"...was an attempt to marry racial demagoguery with the Spanish Inquisition style Me too movement." "Left wing divisive identity politics"...
But i guess like those that assume the worse possible motives for Trump's every move and somehow assume his evil motives are just "FACTS". I guess you can believe the worse of Oparh here as well.

But for me in this case, I can say that There are plenty of things i disagree with Oprah on, on a lot of levels. But that in this particular speech I can't really find much fault.

Should she come clean about what she knew and why she didn't speak out earlier, on this and other issues, sure. And so should a lot of folks. But IMO If in this speach she was trying to paint herself out o be some kind of longtime leader in this "me too" thing or trying promoted some bogus left wing rules during the speech I'd would have some problems with it. But as it is, it's just comes across to me as:
"RAH!!! RAH!! good for Women for standing up against sexual abuse. RAH!! RAH!! thanks for the award, it's another opportunity to inspire poor young black girls to do better."
So AZ i just don't see it in the sizzling heart of darkness way you've painted it.

You probably know that Oprah was sexually abused as a little girl herself. And that she started a home for girls in Africa were she found out that some of the workers were trying to abuse the children there. She mentioned in the speech of thinking of her mother's hard work during a more racially divided time and what sparked hope in her. So I'm guessing all that did feed into her motives for the speech too
... maybe as even much as any "Left wing divisive identity politics", "racial demagoguery" or "Spanish Inquisition style Me too" concerns.

I just don't see a need to foster MORE division over what she said here. No need to hear it in the darkest light as part of some kind of larger battle.
IMO, Content wise, there's really nothing wrong with it on the face of it.
Neither you or me or Oprah are for sexual abuse or racism. right? Seems to me we all have some common ground there at least.
nothing in the speech seems controversial at all.

seems to me that folks shouldn't always think that just becasue a topic is brought up that it's part of a war.
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