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Default Re: Math professor: Merit-based classrooms are a ‘tool of whiteness’ that oppress min

Originally Posted by Hairy Jello View Post
Rewards for hard work are now a tool for racism....

How many shots of tequila do ya have to consume before sh*t like this starts to make sense?

These days I'm not surprised to find out that there is such a publication as "The Journal of Urban Mathematics Education". Professor Laurie Rubel seems to be echoing the same themes as Professor Rochelle Guitierez in response to the "gap" in achievement. I think Rubel and others are conceding that gap and choose to offer a prejudicial/political explanation. Maybe these experts in minority math education have hit a wall and offer the "meritocracy" excuse for their inability to bridge the gap. On one hand, we push for higher achievements in math and science using "common core standards" to get us there. On the other hand, there are those such as Rubel saying that the problem is in part white meritocracy. So what's the real limiting factors in basic math competency among students? I believe the major problem is that kids don't open the book and don't complete the assignments/exercises in the book. The concept of opening the book and making an effort to understand what the book is saying regarding math or any subject enables most people to transcend other obstacles. That's the equalizer, not false definitions of the meaning of success and victimization. It appears that this "equity" narrative has bled over from the humanities so that even math has become a SJW issue.
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