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Default Re: Dem-ordered study to expose illegal online gun sales backfires

Originally Posted by lurch907 View Post
More evidence that Bloomberg's "report" should be filed under fiction.
The agents were informing that seller that they were prohibited from possessing firearms? What kind of stupid is that. A prohibited person is not going to tell the seller that they're prohibited. All this tells me is that the whole study was based upon ignorant criteria and it didn't result in any information related to how many prohibited people, that would never in 1,000 years tell the seller they were prohibited, are likely to purchase firearms illegally on the internet.

I would like to see a study on how many people ship directly from seller to buyer across state lines. It's not illegal to sell/transfer a firearm across state line but the shipment must be from FFL to FFL and the person receiving the firearm must pass the FFL background check. A direct transfer between private parties across state lines is illegal.

The NRA claim that this proves that internet sales don't result in prohibited persons from acquiring firearms is, of course, bogus because it would only apply to people that are dumb as a rock and tell the seller that they're prohibited.

BTW - If a study is to be done then simply trying to purchase a firearm online using an alias would be enough to prove the ease for a prohibited person to illegally purchase a firearm. We also know that private sales where no background check by a private person can result in prohibited persons acquiring firearms. I personally purchase a shotgun from a "friend of a friend" and he never asked me for any ID when he filled out a bill of sale. He just wrote in the name I gave him on both copies and that was it. There was no way he could have known if I was prohibited and didn't even check to see if I was giving him my real name or even if I had any ID at all.
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