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Default Re: Dem-ordered study to expose illegal online gun sales backfires

Originally Posted by RedState View Post
Over 300,000 Americans have been killed from the use of Guns in the last decade.

Is there anything at all we can do to at least lower those numbers?

We already lock more people up than any other nation on Earth, so putting people in jail is certainly not the answer.

Or do we just not do anything?

Serious questions folks, first person to call me a libtard gets a timeout.

The first thing we should do is look at the number you have presented in more detail.
- That number includes not only homicides, but also police related shootings, suicides, accidents (hate that term), and self defense. Lets look at these individually.
* Suicides: I don't have the figures for the entire decade you cite, but in 2015 suicide accounted for over 2/3 of deaths by gun shot. A person who wants to commit suicide is going to do so regardless of access to a gun. There are umpteen different ways to off yourself. For example, Japan has a much higher suicide rate than the U.S. and civilian gun ownership is a statistical nil.
* Police related shootings and self defense: I personally don't have a problem with these, assuming they are justified.
* Accidents (which would more correctly read "negligence"): Stupid people get themselves killed and sometimes kill others, I know of no way to fix stupid.
* Homicides: In 2014 the national homicide rate hit a 34 year low, in roughly that same time period the number of civilian owned guns more than doubled.

So what do we do about the homicides? Here are my suggestions:
- Keep murderers in jail forever or better yet, put them in a grave. The recidivism rate for murder isn't as high as other crimes, but one is to many.
- Mandatory 20 year prison sentence for any crime committed with a gun, no plea bargaining, 20 years period. Make it simply not worth the risk to commit even a purse snatch using a gun.
- Mandatory 20 year prison sentence for knowingly supplying a prohibited person with a gun. Again, no plea bargain.
- Make prisons harsh. No more watching tv, doing drugs, working out and planning future crimes with your fellow inmate gang bangers. Prison should mean 23 hours a day in a 6x9 room, with an hour a day to shower and spend a little time in an outdoor cage.
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