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Default Pearisburg Habitat house to bring student builders on site

Pearisburg Habitat house to bring student builders on site | Christiansburg News |

A crew of about a dozen Giles High School seniors in Paul Baker’s building trades class shivered on a recent afternoon as they cut and fastened wall framing for a house set to be constructed in Pearisburg later this year — just as they would on a professional job site in winter.
It’s the fourth house students at the Giles County Technology Center have built through a partnership with the nonprofit Habitat for Humanity of the New River Valley. But this one will be different for the students.
“This one is unique because it’s in Pearisburg,” Baker said. “This time, we’re going to take it to the finish line.”
The three previous houses went to Narrows, Pembroke and Pulaski. For those, the students built modular parts from scratch through to drywall, then passed them on to Habitat for completion. But because this house will be set in downtown Pearisburg, Baker said it’s possible for the students to travel during the school day to help finish construction.
It’s good for their education.
“These guys get the full-blown life experience of putting this thing together,” Baker said. “Habitat funds the materials. They’re getting the labor; we’re getting the materials, which isn’t always an easy thing on a school budget.”
Habitat’s design also gives students experience in advanced framing techniques and energy efficiency, said Shelley Fortier, executive director of Habitat NRV.
Too cool.
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