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Default Re: These States Are Likely To Legalize Marijuana In 2018

Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
True twice.. Yet the standards of impairment can fool. Back in my road trips days I lite up driving (never had a situation of any type of traffic problem.) I might of missed a turn now and again.

To me most people who arrive at impairment are "NEW" Smokers, period. In time they manage it.
see my thread on jeff sessions and new developments about states and pot.

here's a more recent find

Jeff Sessions Unleashes Federal Prosecutors On Legal Marijuana

(One of Trump admin's big donors is Sheldon Adelson who I suspect owns a good part of the illegal pot trade in America. I ran across him during a campaign I did on fb to raise awareness of med marijuana vote in Fla. The vote that failed in 2014 I think was the year, was defeated in the final weeks by a flush of money -millions- against the measure from Addleson a Nevada citizen and casino owner. I put two and two together... )
-No contacts with Russia
-Some contacts but only about adoption
-Lots of contacts but no crimes
-Crimes, but no collusion
-Collusion, but Trump didn't know

Based on this progression, the next defense is "it's technically not treason."
__Sen Ted Lieu
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