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Default Re: Report: Medicaid enrollment, costs swell under ObamaCare expansion

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
oh bullowney. all insurance pays what they pay. none pay everything unless you have a cadillac plan and even then they do dictate which drugs they will pay for and sometimes not the drug needed and generic but a whole different drug. I know this because I had that situation when my son was sick as a teenager.
And the doctors around here are quite happy with my husband's medicare. though he has almost entirely switched to the VA now. But when he did use medicare they rolled the carpet out for him. Also he gets his vaccines w/o co pay through medicare.
but I think the thread is about medicaid, which is also good. handled by states it is better some places than others. For a low populated state and rater poor, Idaho has excellent service and cost.
That is true, but the difference between private insurance and a one size fits all government coverage is that one has the ability to shop around for different providers of private insurance. With a government plan, you are stuck with what you get while unelected bureaucrats decide what you do and do not need.
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