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Default Re: Well, you ask us to share our passions here,

Originally Posted by Esmee View Post
and all of my passions have been put on translation and drawing.

There's an exercise whose translator is me: ŷ޵ķѣ̩ı׶ˣδ꣩-

And I meet a difficulty, which is here, and I can't get its meaning, especially the red part:

But as Clinton and the British Remain campaign before her saw, solving on the basis of educating about facts no longer cuts it politically in todays world.

Who would do me a favor to explain it to me? Thank you.
yes agreeing with Manitou, education about facts doesn't work. is what it means.
Were seeing this on multiple fronts. The aforementioned failure to ramp up testing, and the ongoing failure to get needed testing equipment to desperate governors, is compounded by Trumps insistence on claiming that no such testing failure exists or ever has.
Jeremy Konyndyk, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development
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