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Default Re: Animal Brothels Open in Germany as Migrant Population Hits 22 Percent

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
Just out of curiosity, how many neo-nazi rallies have you participated in?

Cause the reality is that for actually "very fine people", if you see a rally that involves neo-nazis you don't march alongside them.

It's hilarious that the right attack Obama for sitting in Rev Wright's church when Wright said "God Damn America" (no idea if he was actually in the pews that day) ...
... but marching alongside neo-nazis is just a-okay in the right-wing book.

Nobody who marches along-side neo-nazis is a "very fine person".
Do you agree or disagree with that assessment?
No I do not agree. I would not do it, but this was a bunch of people that didn't want the statues tore down and they were protesting it.

If you were protesting something and some Antifa anarchists showed up. Would everyone walk away and let them take over your protest? Or would you just hope they didn't do anything stupid?

How about the protests where people burned and looted buildings? Did you chastise ALL the protestors because of it? Did you lump them all together and say they were ALL bad people? of course not.
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