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Default Re: Airline Apologizes to Woman Who Said Her First-Class Seat Was Given to Top Dem

Originally Posted by mr. wonder View Post
yep shows the plutocracy... i mean... Hypocrisy of the limousine liberals.

but the complaints of the right here also show a bit of hypocrisy, in that SOME on the right say that businesses can DO WHATEVER they like in practically all situations.
Here the company just decided to bump a customer who's money and opinion they didn't care about, with one who's they did.

Discrimination is a Bee-ach.
Treating customers equally is not concept everyone agrees with. coughnetneutralitycough, coughmuslimscough, cough"thugs"cough
Kindly cite specific comments endorsing businesses breaking contracts with customers to pander to a politician. Left unexamined is why the airline would airline would alienate a high profit first class passenger to appease an elitist politician. The answer is the outsized influence exercised by regulation and subsidies. Even the best first class frequent flyer cannot hold a candle to that impact.

It would be unfair to pretend the obnoxious demagogue Congress woman is the only one who benefits personally from their position. Reducing the bloated Federal government's meddling regulation of business is the only effective curb against this abuse.
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