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Default Re: St. Louis Mayor: Give Us Your Guns, Well Give You Groceries

Originally Posted by Dog Man View Post
I have to agree with you on this one. And Joe blow weed dealer is not carrying a gun. I think most violence is at the upper levels of the big city drug trade, in neighborhoods that have been know for gun and drug violence for decades.

The small potatos pot dealers should not be jailed anywhere.
I spent too many years as a first responder to accept the concept that drug abuse does not involve violence or harm at some level of the user experience.

This is also true of alcohol abuse but the production, distribution and use that "drug" is severely regulated. Were it not one could propose all could or would be better but my money is on worse.

Even low level dealers carry, not for protection from police capture but garden variety assault and theft. I carry when on my ranch property because supposed innocent backyard growers get pissy when I come up on their little bootleg plot in my woods.

To suggest there is some level of the culture that is clearly demarked as sacredly nonviolent is nave.

Denver Colorado has seen a marked increase in crime since the legalization of POT. They say that pot arrest are way down so it cannot be connected top POT. But of course arrests are down, it's not illegal to have or sell the sh!t! But theft assault and robbery are up significantly since 2012. And as they cannot identify an alternate factor, it is not mere coincidence.

The dealers are not giving the sh!t away. So the POT Head who lost his job 'cause he failed to show up sober, has to pay for it somehow. I wish I could say I'm making this up as a possible, but after 17 years as a first responder para-med, and 50 years managing people in a factory setting, I have seen things, undeniable.
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