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Default Re: Report: Medicaid enrollment, costs swell under ObamaCare expansion

Originally Posted by Lumara View Post
Personal responsibility is sadly lacking in many welfare programs, and Medicaid is one of them. There is no legitimate reason to take money from one person to pay for another person's health care. This is where family and charity should come in, not the taxpayers. When the individual is removed from the payment process, there is zero incentive to make better health decisions and not run to the doctor over every little thing.
medicaid doesn't pay everything in every state. states are different in their management.
and there is the cost of gasoline to even go to the doctor let alone specialist in a nearby town. pretty sure medicaid recipients count every penny and try as well as any to maintain their health.
if family and charity could do it there wouldn't be people in wheelchairs trying to stop this horrible tax bill.
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