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Default The GOP Is Destroying Your Right To Vote And You Don't Even Know It

I read about this earlier. Surprise ! No cable news takes it up. It is definitely more than this video outlines. I sent Sam Seder a link on twitter to this article: which outlines the fact if you owe county, state or city money you are also barred from voting.
some were disenfranchised by accident or design who are now allowed to vote but the state wont notify them of their status.
so as pointed out elsewhere the election may already be decided.
unless trump/moore supporters are discouraged by the pedophilia accusations and stay this one out.

Thousands of Blacks Are Denied Voting Rights Because They’re Poor – Mother Jones

Don’t Blame Black Voters If Roy Moore Wins. Blame Alabama’s Secretary of State. – Mother Jones

Bible trivia: the shortest Psalm is also the middle verse of the Bible. (KJV)
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