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Default Re: Wildfires in Southern California force thousands to flee

Originally Posted by Bat View Post
I did say "Recorded history".
yes you did, but to make a clearer point:

"In the case of the Ballona wetlands it can help decision makers to understand that the current proposals are not 'restorations' in the sense that they are not returning the system to a condition prior to disturbance," he explained. "The current proposal would create a tidal connection similar to that found found one to two thousand years ago when the wetland area was completely open to the ocean all year—when the L.A. River flowed out through Ballona—instead of the conditions in the 1800s (and which would be supported by the smaller watershed today) in which the tidal connection to the ocean was much more limited and seasonal. Whether this influences the current plans or not remains to be seen."
so we not only screwed it up but further screwed it supposedly trying to unscrew it
why imho philosophers and pertinent scientists should be in decision making of every facet of our government.
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