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Default Re: CNN forced to make another correction

Originally Posted by zoriolus View Post
This was another significant "journalistic" screw up at CNN. Glenn Greenwald at the Intercept characterizes yesterdays debacle as a "humiliation orgy". He points out that CBS and then MSNBC also started reporting on the story claiming to have "independently 'confirmed'" CNN's email story. So, did CBS and CNBC really verify CNN's story with the "2 unnamed sources", or did they just trust the CNN story and ride their coat tails. How many people were exposed to the bogus news story?
no. it's just exactly what journalism is. doing everything you can to insure the public gets the facts.
-No contacts with Russia
-Some contacts but only about adoption
-Lots of contacts but no crimes
-Crimes, but no collusion
-Collusion, but Trump didn't know

Based on this progression, the next defense is "it's technically not treason."
__Sen Ted Lieu
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