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Post Re: Do you think the "War on Christmas" is real?

Originally Posted by lurch907 View Post
How do you define "war on Christmas"?
This is a cheesy cop-out question.
Quite frankly, I already acknowledged it was a "euphemism".
People answering the poll should be responsible for their own standards / opinions justifying their classifications...

Originally Posted by lurch907 View Post
Is one person or a small group rallying to remove Christmas displays from public spaces a war?
Is the lady I saw the other day yelling at the Salvation Army bucket guy because he said "Merry Christmas" waging a war?
Was the ACLU (not a small organization) waging war when they sued an Indiana County to remove a nativity scene from the courthouse lawn?
Are all of these smaller incidents battles in a larger war?
Your question is to vague.
Once again, I am amused at how some people focus such concern.

It's funny how you say my "question" is too vague.
I'm not the one who created these claims.
Do you ever stop to ask the right-wingers who claim it is happening to justify their definition of "war on Christmas" for their claim that it's happening?
There's another thread created by those who believe a war on Christmas exists. But I don't see you in there asking them to explain their classification...
Which is ironic because that's what the people who think there isn't any such war are asking...

Realistically, I am trying to find out how many people have an opinion, based on their own understanding and interpretation, that it's real.
My personal suspicion is that there are a few loud blowhard pundits who make the claim (e.g. Bill O'Reilly was one), but it's not something generally believed by a majority.
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