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Default Re: Do you think the "War on Christmas" is real?

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
Another brilliantly bemusing non sequitur.
No I don't believe that...;Why do you insist on telling me what I believe so you can make an argument from it?

Actually, it is more like claiming concerns about radical Islam means one is against all Muslims. I believe 9/11 was real, it was done by radical Muslims but I don't believe all if Islam was responsible for it.

My point is that it is not about Christmas but Christendom. Of course what is totally missed by them is that Christmas is not the main celebration of Christianity. Most Christians consider the less commercialized week of Easter to be far more important to their faith.
I agree also. Not all Muslims are fanatical terrorists. As to the "war" on Christmas, the question stinks, but I answered it nevertheless. On a second note to the first, I will say that I look at all Muslims the way I look at Scientologists.

As for Easter, I smell long, boring stories about Ishtar and other "pagan" myths rearing their heads here. I hope I'm wrong.
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