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Angry Re: Convicted sex offender Brock Turner wants new trial in Stanford sex assault case

Originally Posted by Lumara View Post
That piece of vermin got off much too easily. The "punishment" he received does NOT fit the seriousness of the crime. It doesn't matter if the rape occurred behind a dumpster or not; the fact that it happened is what matters. The claim that the trial was unfair because "witnesses who would testify to his good character were excluded by the court" is ridiculous in the face of this terrible assault against the girl. Males of good character don't have sex with unconscious females, period.
To my understanding, for a person in prison, parole hearings often talk about the crime involved and whether or not the person is repentant. These factors are evaluated regarding the question as to grant parole.

I don't think there is any "reverse" mechanism whereby a person like Brock who is out free is recognized as having gotten off light because he refuses to show remorse or even comprehend what he did was wrong.
Articles like this make me think there should be...
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