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Default Re: Future presidents must restore what Trump has destroyed

Did you forget the T on purpose?
Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
Robinson is a far left liberal writer working at WaPo and absolutely hates President rump and the fact that Hillary lost. Anything he writes should be taken with that in mind.

The real problem is the current President must spend a lot of time undoing what the last President did.

Some things can't or won't be reversed. Iran will not return the billions in unmarked bills, we will probably be stuck with some form of OPM insurance. We have a major illegal border problem.

But many can be reversed or minimalized. We no longer have any reason to honor the non treaty treaty with Iran. OCare can be prevented from increasing. We can stop the flow of freeloaders currently invading our borders. Sanctuary anythings can be made to go away with a pen and phone. '18 will be a pivotal election. Both establishment Repubs and Dems need to be voted out.
Grab her by the *****, Vote Roy Moore.

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