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Default Re: "Son of Man" versus "Son of God"

Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
Sometimes, in the New Testament, Jesus refers to Himself of the "Son of God."

Other times, He says, the "Son of Man."

It is surely tempting to see the former as a more profound statement.

But actually, quite the opposite is true.

After all, all Christians (at least, all Christian males) may correctly refer to themselves as sons of God.

But the term, "Son of Man," was an obvious allusion to the prophecy in Daniel 7, in which "one like a son of man" is awarded eternal kingship.

So I would view the term, "Son of Man," as the more profound of the two.

He took human form. Yes you have brought up an interesting point. I will forward this to a friend of mine who loves these kinds of questions. I am curious what he will come up with.
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