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Default Re: Shep Smith Ruins The Right Wing Conspiracy on Hillary and Uranium

[quote=300 H and H;919513]
Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post

You post are stupid.

In the court of public opinion Clintons are DIRT.

Everyone on both sides of the isle knows that the Clintons have a get out of jail free card of political cover. As long as the left never cracked, and gave them up, they were a protected political class, and jail is not an option.. But those days are gone. Many Democrats are now done with these criminals and they will NEVER return to the fore front of politics, ever... Bill raped how many women, and the left defended the fuqing idiot. Now the bills are due, and the Clintons will pay, one way or another. The left was STUPID for serving the Clintons for the last 30 years. they are unelectable trash, and you need to admit it, and move on.

Regards, Kirk
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