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Default Re: There's 'overwhelming consensus' on climate change.

Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post
The right wants to be fools. You can't change their minds. They are responsible for nothing. They want to trash the country and remove clean water rules. If the right is not controlled by industry I don't know who is. They always support whatever industry thinks is best. Whether it's trashing our lands and waters or making it harder for Americans to take companies to court they always side with business. The funny thing is this worship gives them nothing back in return. But they are hooked.
OK, so what would you like the right to do? Should we do what all the believers are doing?

Should we give up all things made from fossil fuel like the believers?

Should we give up our vehicles and ride bikes like all the believers?

Why is the main focus on deniers? Shouldn't the believers be showing us how it's done? Shouldn't they be walking the walk and showing us all how to clean the air?

We are already working on Solar power, Wind power, Hydro electric power.
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