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Default Re: First Lady Melania Trump gets her hands dirty during visit to military families i

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
I believe it was because I switched to supporting Obama. FS' head just wouldn't quit spinning.
Lollie does a lot of homework on members but not so much on debating facts presented which if I recall is the point of a forum. Just like Hairy's depiction of Michelle he seems to have an issue with black people. They are usually always corrupt or guilty. Take Trayvon who Hairy refers to as a thug. A Thug for getting killed by an armed white man who was told by police not to pursue Trayvon. But dying trying to protect yourself makes you a thug or is it the color of your skin? Jut tell Lollie to keep me out of her thoughts and go ahead with whatever it is she does here.
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