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Default Re: There's 'overwhelming consensus' on climate change.

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
A small amount of research of your The Hill, not Joshua Tree, site, indicates that the posts are attributed to Badlands, not Joshua Tree, and were posted by an employee not authorized to make the post. They have since been taken down. I found no mention of this on either park site. Undoubtedly the reason for the headline Official National Park account rather than naming the site.

Rebecca is a reporter heavily into Environmentalist Whacko stories and theories.

Brought to you by the Jimbo research center after about 3 minutes on Google.
trump admin just claimed the same thing
but I know you hate the gov't so...
-No contacts with Russia
-Some contacts but only about adoption
-Lots of contacts but no crimes
-Crimes, but no collusion
-Collusion, but Trump didn't know

Based on this progression, the next defense is "it's technically not treason."
__Sen Ted Lieu
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