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Default Re: Widow of fallen soldier says viral Facebook post is fake

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
I don't know if the widow was lying or not and I will not accuse her of such. But when you allow the death of your husband to become political fodder, you don't deserve respect.
I've heard enough people accuse her of lying and playing politics to not care to be honest. And I think those baseless accusations are pretty insulting to someone who just lost her husband.

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
And the fact that she had Wilson with her when she took the call tells me that she was going to use her husbands death to attack the President. That is shameful.
They're actually close friends, there's zero evidence that this was all planned to attack the president. Also we have the word from Mrs. Johnson, her mother, and a Congresswoman whom are all on the same page, versus a serial liar who actually did start politicizing these condolence contacts, whom also claims a different account and claims he has proof that the accusations were fabricated yet won't release said proof.

It's funny how Trump and his base were up in arms about some football players kneeling in protest of unfair treatment by law enforcement, and somehow that was a sign of serious disrespect for the soldiers who fight for their country. Then their orange lord serves some serious disrespect to the family of the soldier who died fighting for his country, and they attack the soldier's family instead.
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