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Default Re: Widow of fallen soldier says viral Facebook post is fake

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Democrats have a long and sordid history of using the war dead as shields for their partisan attacks. The Muslim immigration for the rich lawyer at their convention last summer, Cindy Sheehan, and the Jersey girls come to mind. The tactic of exploiting the dead is so popular among Democrats because the victim can be programmed to say whatever talking point desired and any push back is deflected as an attack on the dead.

The condolence call from President Trump was scheduled in advance as are most official Presidential calls. It was the window's decision to invite the publicity who're politician to sit in. It strains credibility to claim the 2 of them didn't plan to use the soldier's death as a partisan attack platform.
The dead can't contradict them, but they can vote.

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.
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