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Default Re: Liberal students love ‘Bernie Sanders’ tax plan.’ What they’re hearing is actuall

Originally Posted by Bat View Post
I'm not sure it is "partisan hacks". It very well may be the cultural manipulation and "herd mentality" that exists on college campus.
For open minds that supposedly exist at college campuses, they were certainly "open" to embrace this ideas based upon what/who they were told actually said it. In reality they have closed minds and obviously haven't been paying attention to what is actually occuring.

On the flip side,
I wonder how many college students that they talked to saw right through this ruse. The ones that did would obviously not be publicized.
Radical Leftists make up the vast majority of college professors and through tenure selection insure no competing philosophy is allowed. Lately we have seen violent repression such as the Berkley riots to preserve ideological purity on campus.

There is clearly a price to be paid for not conforming to the campus Left wing radicals cult of personality blindly supporting Bernie Sanders. It has nothing to do with issues or policy. We can speculate about clear eyed students spotting the ruse described in the OP but there is no denying the risks of failing to support Bernie on campus.
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