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Default Re: Clinton pitbull, media attack Kelly after Gold Star general defends Trump condole

You were talking about getting someone off pot being harder than alcohol. Too stupid to discuss, you can die withdrawling from alcohol. Drop the mike? I don't even know what that means. Referring to Trump as noble is just too far out there to really even think about. If he were empathetic and noble he could have done one or two of two things. He could have called the family back and apologized and at least put some effort into smoothing things over, or he could have said nothing. Trump is not above the fray, he is the fray. If he shot someone on main street it wouldn't cost a single vote from his base. I guess that is one thing he was right about.
Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
I've never claimed to be an expert " genius" on marijuana. But after 50 years of managing employees, I am widely "experienced" in employees with substance abuse issues including opioids, Alcohol and Grass. I have every right to claim and post the working knowledge gained of those events.
So, that's on you.

that said, your "drop the mike" comments have no validity to the subject at hand. But such is the typical tactic of those who cannot post a cogent and honest response. Such a personal attack steps well outside the conversation about the noble and empathetic effort of our President concerning the families of those whose lives are lost serving the country on his watch.

President Trump is hardly a messiah. Odd that you incorrectly remember my comments on an unrelated topic, but are unable to recall any of my frequent criticisms of THE Donald as recent as today. It suggests a vary narrow minded response to the sincerity of my postings, and will receive the respect it is due.
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