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Default Re: I have a question about Trump's tax reform plan

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
While I agree with the administration that we need to lower the corporate tax rate to incentivise corporations to return their HQ's back to the US and to remove a reason for them to leave in the first place, I think that the claim of an increase in the average American's household income is nothing but bluster. I do believe that the average household income would increase, but to put a number out like that is akin to Obama claiming that the ACA would cut insurance costs by $2500.

I just wish that our politicians lived in the real world with the rest of us and have enough confidence in their policies to be honest about the net affects of those policies. To say that incomes would increase by $4000 to $9000 due to this policy is ludicrous.
I agree about stating an increase to income is highly questionable.

Bringing back corporations will not only increase the number of jobs, but the ripple effect of taxes to localities, infrastructure support, businesses in proximity to the repatriated corporations expanding, etc. I believe there would be an uptick in the economy in general if they start returning.

I would hope they are not just service jobs... that we would see trade and factory type jobs returning also.
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