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Default Re: Fake black activist accounts linked to Russian government

Originally Posted by Joe Shoe View Post
Believe it or not, your boogyman "the right" is no more some monolithic unified entity who are all connected somehow than "the left". So why would GottaGo need to do that, when YOU'RE the one who asked if people on their right will be disgusted? Ergo, it's on you.
Or did you just post that to try and stir sh!t up among "the right" here, and just don't have the courage to reply to GottaGo?
Several on this thread said no, they wouldn't be disgusted, which is correct. You also brought up a correct point that not all 'right' see things in one absolute way, which is what the left likes to portray. Well, in honesty, the right does the same to the left also, and both sides drive me nuts with that.

You'll note that F66 does not like having questions thrown back at him, he does a beautiful two-step around them.
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